Dec 30, 2010

new blog.

Im on Tumblr now bitches!

Dec 13, 2010

Bye Bye Waco:)

My last final is tmrw. Then I can breatthhheeee.

Dec 7, 2010

Sometimes Life can get to you.

Theres so many feelings running thru me right now. I dont know if I can portray them effectively in this post but I'll try. First off, I'm worried about a lot of things. One is my family. My dad recently had a pulmonary blood clot that could have killed him in an instant, and while I'm so glad and thankful to GOD that this didnt happen I can't help but think "what if" and worry about his future health issues. It doesnt help that its the holiday season and bad food is everywhere... he's generally a healthy person but this goes to show you that GOD sometimes pulls a rabbit out of the hat in life, you never know what could happen. Idk what I'd do if I lost him. But I will stay optimistic. Another thing that has my emotions going crazy is that I really like someone right now. and everything has been fine, bout now all the sudden my mind is going into defense mode bc I'm so afraid of being hurt. I just hope I can get through this break. I'm tired of trying to explain my emotions on paper. this is impossible. I just want to lay down and think. Do some praying and just think about things.

Dec 5, 2010

Finals are approaching.

this week is "dead week", the week before finals when there are no classes, just free time to study. This will officially be the most boring week of my life. But its all good, no complaints bc i rather be bored than overwhelmed. And luckily I only have 3 finals since I already took my lab exam last week, and I'm not counting English bc you cant study for an in-class I should be able to study efficiently. <---college word lol
I cant wait for Christmas break..but at the same time I know once I get home I'll start getting annoyed with everything, just like I was this summer lol. Oh, did I mention that I'm pre-med again? lol according to my dad, "I'm not paying all of this money for you to NOT be a doctor." ugh. so I had to change around my whole schedule. Theres no science classes open besides one teacher, and his ratings are horrible. But THERE IS HOPE. lmao. Dec 21st is the deadline for tuition payment and on that day alotta ppl's classes get dropped bc they havent paid yet, so hopefully some slots will open up, not trying to wish that on anyone but hey, lol, gotta do what you gotta do. So unfortunately, I wont be leaving this slave ship of a degree plan. Oh well.

Dec 3, 2010

Lalalala. car decided to die on me yesterday. good thing i wasnt driving it when it passed away lol. Ugh, good thing the break is coming up in a week and a half, idk how long i can last carless, Im not used to this shit. Some friends tried to jump it but my poor baby's battery is a goner. My dad should be up here soon (already know hes gonna get on my last nerves askin all kinds of useless questions..) but im glad i have good parents, or just a good dad lol, that would drive 2 hrs up here just see whats wrong with my car. Knowin my mom she woulda been like "you'll be alright without it" lol. I'm sittin in this dumbass biology class, obviously not paying attention..she doesnt say anything helpful.. FYI Baylor Students: if you have to take bio, DO NOT TAKE DR. RUSHING! HER HUSBAND TEACHES IT TOO AND HE'S JUST AS BAD. DONT TAKE EITHER ONE OF EM! k im done. My laptop is abt to die. i swear every device in my life is dying lol phone abt to die, car DEAD, laptop bout to die lol... now my stomach hurts. shouldnt have had peanut m&m's for breakfast huh? haha. bye.

Nov 29, 2010

My Bad.

I been neglecting the blog lately.... here's a recap of whats been going on from my last blog post to now:
-Thanksgiving break came and went. I had a lot of fun with my family:)
-School is pretty good with the exception of biology. that class is gonna murder my gpa.
-and its a shame theres nothing else i can think to write for this third bullet. SMH. lol
Is it just me or does it seem like these holiday breaks aren't really breaks ... just a day of no classes which gives you an even better reason to get some studying done. Maybe its just me.

Finals start next week, not to mention my last lab exam this Thursday that includes a rat practical, so its grind time for me. I got a lot of things to do nonstop for the next 2 weeks of my life, cant wait. *sarcasm* But atleast one thing has changed that makes me happy...I'm talking to only one person, and to others that might be lame, but not for me. makes me feel more "stable" lol. That's all you get for now. I'll be sure to update on the relationship status if things keep going good, and I'm sure they will :)

 Goodbye Love muffins!

Nov 21, 2010


im so through with drinking. im tired of screwing up my sleeping schedule. this isnt fun to be sleep all day and up all night, especially before classes. luckily my break startes tues afternoon, i should be able to make it til then lol.

why am i lying...i'll never be through with drinking lol . but I'm gonna stop for the next few weeks with finals coming up :/  ANYWAYSSSS. im jammin to "Crush" by beat king right now. real shit. drop it, drop it drop it CRUSHHH. "Them lame ass hoes all shop at Citi Trends" LMAO. This dude is a fool.

Nov 18, 2010

So I'm def slackin on writing in here. Life has been crazy. I turned 19 on November thirteenth:) had the cutest lil suprise party, drank way too much, and went to hella parties. it was a huge success. School is going great (which means im passing everything) lol. thats quite more difficult to do at Baylor than "other" schools so im VERY proud of myself. And as far as boy toys, Ive cut my list down dramatically, arent you proud of me?? :) ha. As the semster comes to a close I can say that Baylor has been good to me. Ive had bad days but im sure I wouldve had more at any other place. I know i complain alot about it but i really do love my school (happy ass lol). I think the only thing i need to work on at this point is my relationship with GOD. its so easy to stray away from Him while at college, and Ive managed to do so. But I wanna get back on track. Good thing I'll be home soon cuz i have yet to find a church up here, i think thats bc i dont really want to lol. Waco is just so trashy to me, idk. I know i shouldnt relate that to the churches down here but hell, im being honest abt how i feel, shit. this is MY blog, thats what its here for lol. but yea. Oh, and twitter is amazing. that is all.

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Nov 8, 2010

Rihanna's new album is crack. Cop it.

I want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world:)